Common Uses for Steel Pipes

18 Oct 2017 07:33

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A wide variety of industries ranging from oil fields to municipal sewage systems and more make use of quality steel pipe on a routine basis. The primary advantages of steel are its versatility and durability. It can be shaped into piping of different thicknesses and diameters depending on its intended use and can resist corrosion better than iron and other alternatives.

Oilfield Applications

One of the most common applications for steel pipes is in oilfields. When used oilfield pipe for fencing begin drilling, steel pipes are used to provide structural integrity and maintain the well-bore. Without high-quality specialized steel piping, oilfield operations would not be able to run smoothly and provide consumers with their valuable products.

Construction Applications

Steel piping is used with surprising frequency in construction. It provides structural integrity thanks to its strength and can be used in foundations, piers, boat docks, bridges, and more. Railings and fences built from thin steel pipe are strong enough to be dependable, while simultaneously providing aesthetic appeal and incredible durability at a remarkably low price.

Road Culverts

Large steel pipes can be used to create long-lasting culverts. They have excellent load bearing capabilities and are resistant to water damage, meaning that culverts fabricated from steel pipes can withstand the elements and last for decades without needing to be replaced.

Commercial Bollards and Barriers

Some municipalities require storefront barriers to prevent vehicles from crashing into the stores. drill pipe for sale texas are commonly used in gas stations across the country to prevent vehicles from hitting gas pumps and to prevent cars from entering bike paths and pedestrian walkways without impeding foot traffic. The most efficient and effective way to fabricate these bollards and barriers is to use steel piping.

Create Bridges

Steel pipes can be used to fabricate pedestrian bridges over ditches and creeks thanks to their load-bearing capacity. Conveniently, a smaller bore of the same piping material can be used to fabricate bridge railings as well. These bridges and railings can provide a safe means of pedestrian transport across creeks and other small waterways for years to come.

Find a Reliable Manufacturer

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